Aceros Lozano | Products and Services
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Up to now, Aceros Lozano has exported 22,000 Tons of steel throughout diverse continents, including Europe, North, Central and South America.

Production Capacity

Aceros Lozano has a 24,000 Tons annual steel production capacity

Products and Services


  • Manufacturing designed regarding to projects and customer needs to keep the lightness and functionality.
  • Sizes from 25 cm. up to 70 cm.

Expanded beam with hexagonal design

The design provides increased rigidity, since a significant more is obtained by increasing with higher depth, so the vibration ranges become lower.


We have the staff, expertise and equipment to install field-rolled steel sheet and keyed team.


Aceros Lozano has the experience and ability to perform the assembly:

  • Welded and bolted structure around the country.
  • We have men power, equipment and the necessary tools for this job.
  • We have the capacity to provide ower customers with assembly consultants around the world if necessary.


Service include hot dip galvanized we can accommodate you with a service also.

Technical Capacity

Design Engineering

Our Engineering Design department is in charge of:

  • Structural and Connection Designs
  • Expertise engineer handling Heavy Structure solutions
  • Steel structure analysis and design using Staad Pro V8i

Detailed Engineering

Our Detailed Engineering department is in charge of:

  • Perform detail engineering and erection sequences.
  • Provide material list and mark list of the structures.
  • Perform detail engineering using Autocad and Tekla Structures software.


Our software department is in charge of:

  • Construction Modeling
  • Design by Modeling and Parametric Drawing

Project Management

Team Coordination

Continuous communication between team players is essential to identify and solve schedule, cost, and fabrication challenges as early as possible.

  • The design team is engaged to identify any kind of design structural problems along the project.
  • The fabricator is engaged to identify efficient connections.
  • The erector is engaged to establish sequencing and lifting strategy.
  • Schedules are reviewed several times each week to foresee potential bottlenecks before they arrive at the shop floor or at job site.

3-D Modeling

Our design team, will develop a 3D Tekla model will be used for:

  • Production of fabrication drawings to generate advance bill of material (ABM) for ordering the steel
  • Sequencing of the project based on erection requirements.

Project Status Presentation:

  • Detailing
  • Material purchasing
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly

This model would be available to use as a coordination tool